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Nationwide Building Society is a British mutual financial institution, the seventh largest cooperative financial institution and the largest building society in the world with over 15 million members. Its headquarters are in Swindon, England.


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Former Employee - Banking Specialist says

"Salaries are terrible at nationwide, i worked as a contractor and the difference it isnt really much compared to a full time employee. Here are my thoughts: The micromanagement is horrible, they write you adherence for everything and just want to find a way to correct you. HIGH ROTATION easily 20 people left my team in a span of 6 months. Team leads were rude and unprofessional whenever i ask them for help or any questions. The job was really degrading, it was just dealing complain about how bad is the banking system which leads me to an unfair system that does not protect you and only punish you."

Virtual ITM Bank Teller (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy my job for the most part, management can be a little intense sometimes, but that is to be expected when you work at a bank. Very laid back environment other than that."

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Lack of direction from management. Under staffed. Lack of mortgage knowledge and experience across the bank. Compensation not at industry standards. Great co-workers.Great co-workersOverworked and under paid."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Everything changes every other day. No consistency. No room for advancement. Management creates a stressful environment when they are available. Very few items that most companies have available for all of their employees."

Specialist, Process Management (Current Employee) says

"Surprise Surprise. I've heard other parts of the Nationwide organization are different, but the Bank really shot itself in the foot. Poor leadership and nepotism doomed us."

Training Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"As a temp worker, being apart of the culture was welcoming and collaborative. Management in my department was poor. Seemed like there were opportunity to move up and around the company.Great cafeteria, good parking"

Customer Service Represenative (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work. loved the staff. catered food. parking. comfortable desk. Great Hours. Loved co-workers. Good Pay. Diverse Culture. Hardest part was the irate customerspayfair away"

QC Technical Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Was surprised to find out instead of making changes to improve area just dis-solved it. Did not make much effort to find the affected dis-placed employees other employment within company.Business CasualMislead"

Management Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"great collaborative teams with trending insecurity in workplace excellent benefits and competitive pay salaried associates expected to work 40+ hours every weekPeopleupper management"

Associate Vice President, Digital Channels (Current Employee) says

"Associates are active in a number of charity activities, including Operation Feed and the United Way."

Sr Mortgage Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"While I enjoyed my time at nationwide it depended greatly on what department you were dealing with. Mortgage UW is great within itself but processors are difficult to work with and MLOs are stressed due to lack of work."

Paul says

"I have had 2 Child Trust Funds with this bank (for 2 years+) for my grandsons. The interest rate dropped after about one year to 2%, which was acceptable. However, six weeks ago, Nationwide reduced the rate to 0.5% (which is one third of a Junior ISA rate). After visiting their local branch I was told that I cannot transfer those accounts into any other of theirs, and no other bank will accept them because I am not their parent. The only way I can ensure my grandchildren will get a decent rate on their money is to move their accounts into funds controlled by their parents: I don't want to do this because it is my money and I wish to control it. It is obvious why Nationwide have dropped their interest rate so low, and that is because they owe so much money to the PPI customers they ripped off. So my grandchildren have to suffer because of Nationwide's greed."

star says

"Absolute pointless bank. They only give you interest if you open packaged account you pay towards. The staff are very unhelpful particularly Lyn a skan’who works at Sale, cheshire branch. She is unhinged, rants at customers and refuses to help those with disability, disability hate issues. She refused to let me in saying there was a customer in and rudely demanded I get away from door! A few moments later I was summoned in by her colleague, Despite the other customer still being in branch, so it was just Lyn being an idiot. Should be sacked, employs racist leanings, hangs up the phone when she can’t be bothered with basic customer service or keeping a civil tongue in her little head. , no other bank staff behave in this dysfunctional manner. Customer service always cover up for their staff regardless of how wrongly they behave. Pointless complaining just go straight to ombudsman. They use and abuse their customers for money but never give anything back, not even civil manner or polite service. Need investigating"

ivan mayer says

"TC Facilities management employed me to work I saw and heard alot. I did post a honest negative review,but because nationwide's head office didn't want people to read it,they got in touch with TC Facilities management and told them to make me delete the review.Because I was employed by them at the time,I had to. But now,I'm not employed by them,so I can re post it. You'll be surprised by the filthy disgusting language certain members of staff use in this branch. There's one person. I overheard her having a conversation about customers, when she referred to them as,quote "Fu"*:ng di*+heads". This sort of behaviour is unacceptable. And the things they do would make you feel sick. Like using the loo and not flushing it. That happens every day. There's a blonde woman who works as a cashier here,as well. "Miss peroxide", as she's known as by her colleagues.(behind her back). And as for the manager, what a joke. I was doing something that was saving nationwide thousands of pounds annually. Yet the manager told me to stop doing it. I walked past there the other day,and they had gone back to doing things the way they did before I worked there. So the thing that I was doing that was saving them thousands, wasn't being done anymore. Also, waste. The manager seems to think that their waste is recycled. She's so delusional. It all goes to general waste. I know that. FACT. Also,I posted this review on trustpilot. Same again,head office got all mardy,and threw a tantrum. They reported it, because they didn't want anyone to read that either. So I had to re edit it,then post it again. They are DISGUSTING DISGUSTING DISGUSTING"

Mike Dennis says

"Nationwide's patronising sick making advertisements constantly shown on TV as "we are here to help" are plain downright offensive to anyone with a bran & the older generation who have served our country & are now being treated as the unwanted by Government and the Banks - I The NW CEO approving & allowing such a huge drop to virtually ZERO is an especially nauseating creature, having cut our Flex accounts & other interest rates to 0.01% while we are being forcefully held like prisoners in our own home due to Covid 19.having committed no criminal offences -"

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